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Any use of the https://novavi.org/ (e.g., browsing, registration on the Site, use of the Site services, acceptance of offers, receipt of services sold on the Site) means that you expressly consent to this document and its terms and conditions, therefore The Company requests that you carefully read the Privacy Policy.

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In case of disagreement with these terms and conditions, you must  refrain from using the site https://novavi.org/ and terminate the registration process on  this site.


If you find any of the Privacy Policy provisions unclear or confusing, please contact the customer support team by sending an email to: support@novavi.org.

For the purpose of this document, the following terms and definitions are used:

Privacy Policy (Policy) – document governing the processing of all data and information about the User by the site;

Processing user information– any action taken by the Site Operator with  data and information about the User. For example: collection, recording, systematisation, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (providing access to information/data), depersonalisation, blocking, deletion, destruction of data. Processing may be carried out both with the use of automation means and without such means;

website - internet resource located athttps://novavi.org/;

User (User); person using the Website in any way not prohibited, i.e. by the text of this Policy you must associate yourself with the User;.

Operator site (Company)– NOVA PARTNERS PC (Limited Partnership, Company number LP020072 Registered office address Suite 6 5 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1DG, address of principal place of business: 14-16 Churchill Way, Cardiff, Wales, CF10 2 DX).

I. User information processed by the Company


1.1.  User information» shall mean in this Policy: