User Agreement.

I. Terms and definitions

1.1. For the purposes of this User Agreement (hereinafter – Agreement), the following terms have the following meanings:

1.1.1. Website – the Internet resource located at and at Depending on the context, the Website also means the software of the Website, the design (graphic design) of the Website, any section (subsection) of the Website, as well as the Information posted on the Website by the Company and Users.

1.1.2. Company – NOVA PARTNERS PC (Limited Partnership, Company number LP020072 Registered office address Suite 6 5 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1DG, address of principal place of business: 14-16 Churchill Way, Cardiff, Wales, CF 10 2 DX) owns all of the related exclusive proprietary rights to the Site, including the domain name rights to the Site, and administers the Site.

1.1.3. registration – the process of User registration, full and unconditional acceptance by User of all terms of this Agreement without exception by following the steps specified in this Agreement and confirming the User's will to register at the Site and create User's Personal Account.


1.1.4. Personal Cabinet – certain private area of Website, displaying data about User, quantity and composition of information packages received by User, about legally significant actions of User at the Website, as well as other information, necessary for using the Website and performing agreements with Company.


1.1.5. Account – aggregate data about User, necessary for his authorization, providing access to content and electronic resources of Website, including Personal Cabinet.

. 1.1.6. Authorization – process of identification of registered User by entering username (or other data) and password for access to User Account and/or Personal Cabinet.


1.1.7. User – any natural person registered at the Website, and who meets the following requirements simultaneously:


•    User is an adult natural person in accordance with the laws of his country of citizenship;

•    User is a fully capable individual in accordance with the laws of the country of his citizenship;

•   User is not a citizen of the United States of America, Canada, People's Republic of China, Scotland;

1.1.8. Personal information of User – any information User gives about himself/herself at registration on the Site or while using the Site, including personal data of User, as well as information automatically transmitted to the Company while using the Site by means of software installed on User's device, including IP-address, cookie information, browser information of User, geolocation data of User's devices, data about User's actions on C

Conditions for use of User Personal Data are defined in the Company Privacy Policy posted on the Site and are not subject to this agreement.

1.1.9. By registering at the Site, User accepts the terms of the Company Privacy Policy;


1.1.10. Information – any information posted (posted) by Users or the Company on the Site, including: User's personal information, links to other websites, any text messages, photographs (images), audio and/or video works, computer programs, design of the Site, etc.

Conditions for use of User Personal Data are defined in the Company Privacy Policy posted on the Site and are not subject to this Agreement.


1.2. Any terms and concepts, used in the present Agreement and not covered by «Terms and Definitions» shall be interpreted pursuant to the meaning, derived from the text of this Agreement. If the meaning of a term or concept cannot be determined from the text of this Agreement, the meaning of the term or concept will be determined based on the applicable law of the country where the Company is located or the practice of the Internet. 1.3. Terms of this Agreement may be changed by the Company unilaterally without any special notice and the new wording of the Agreement shall be effective upon posting on the Internet at the address specified in this paragraph unless otherwise provided in the new wording of the Agreement.


1.4. If upon reading this Agreement, User has any questions regarding its terms, User may submit their question by email (address: [email protected]).


1.5. By accepting this Agreement, User confirms that he/she has fully read this Agreement and understands all of its terms.

1.6. In case the Company, in the order provided by the item. 1.3. of this Agreement, any changes have been made to the Agreement, as well as to the Privacy Policy, and the User does not agree to the new terms, he/she must discontinue using the Company's Website.


II. Subject matter of the Agreement.

2.1. Under the terms of this Agreement, the Company undertakes to provide the following services at the request of User:

2.1.1. register the User at the Site;


2.1.2. allow User to use Personal Cabinet at the Website;


2.2.   For services, indicated in the item 2.1 of the present Offer, Participant of Novavi project undertakes to pay the Company money in the order and on conditions, indicated in the present Offer.

2.3. Site registration, right to use the Personal account is paid (this offer is for consideration).


2.4. Registration fee and right of use of Personal Cabinet (Fees) shall be specified at the Website and in the separate line before purchase confirmation.

Use active area of the Website: «PAY» User agrees to the cost and conditions of rendering services hereunder.


2.5. Services under this Agreement are provided on the Internet.

III. Registration and creation of User's personal account.


3.1. To use the Company Website, User must:  go through the registration procedure, following which a unique account and Personal Cabinet will be created for the User;


3.1.2.  pay for Company services of registration and setting up Personal Cabinet at the Website.   


3.2. For registration the User undertakes to provide true and complete information about himself on the issues offered in the registration form and keep this information up to date. If the User fails to provide accurate information or the Company has reason to believe the information provided is untrue, the Company has the right to unilaterally and extrajudicially block or delete the User's account and refuse to use the Services.

. 3.3. The Company reserves the right to ask the User to confirm data, specified at registration and request in this respect confirming documents (in particular - identity documents) not providing which at the discretion of the Company may be equated to providing false information and entail consequences provided for by the item. 3.2. of this Agreement.

. If the data of the User specified in the provided documents does not match the data specified at registration, as well as in cases when the data specified at registration does not allow to identify the User, the Company shall be entitled to deny the User access to the account and the Personal Account, as well as to receive the Company services.

3.4. At registration, User chooses his own login (unique character account name) and password to access his account. The Company reserves the right for security purposes to prohibit the use of certain logins and establish requirements for login and password (length, acceptable characters, etc). 3.5. After account registration each User is assigned an individual ID.


3.6. ID number, login and password, User account details can be used:


3.6.1. to identify User;


3.6.2. to receive services from the Company;


3.6.3. to conclude agreements (accept offers, posted on the Site);


3.6.4. to use services of the Company and Company's partners;


3.6.5. to identify User on the sites of Company's partners;


3.6.6. to use services, obtain services, sign agreements with the Companies' partners.


3.7. For the purposes specified in paragraph 3.6. hereof the User agrees to provide the data specified at registration on the Site, as well as ID number to the Partners of the Company.


In particular, for the purpose of Forking licenses, the User consents to the transfer of Marlana group LP, reg. No. 280217464, registered address: 67 Yongе ѕtrue Togo Opto Canada M5E 1J8 of his/her registration details as well as his/her unique ID number.

. 3.8. User is solely responsible for safety (guessing resistance) of his selected means of access to his account and Personal Area and ensures their confidentiality.

User is solely responsible for all actions (and their consequences) under the Company Website and Personal Area under User's account, including when User voluntarily transfers account access data to third parties under any terms (including under contracts or agreements).

. All User activity in myAlpari using my account is considered User-generated.


3.9. User shall immediately notify the Company via email ([email protected]) of any unauthorized access to his account and Personal Area and/or any violation (suspected violation) of his account and Personal Area access means.


In order to protect myself, User must log out securely («Logout» button) at the end of each session.


Company shall not be liable for any loss or corruption of data, or any other consequences of any nature that may result from any violation of this section by User.


3.10. The service of registering at the Website and creating User Personal Account is deemed to be provided at the moment User is assigned an ID.



IV. Terms of use of myAlpari


4.1 User shall not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell or resell any part of my Personal Area (including any content available through the service) or access thereto unless User has received written permission from the Company.

. 4.2 User shall not modify, edit or otherwise reorganize myAlpari or grant any other person the right to use it.

4.3. The right to use myAlpari is granted for the period chosen by User on a paid basis.

The right to use myAlpari may be repeatedly renewed. 


4.4. The service on right of use of Personal Cabinet is deemed provided at the moment of provision of access to the User's Personal Cabinet.


No use of Personal Cabinet (in case of providing access to Personal Cabinet for the period chosen by the User) is not the ground for refund of funds for the right to use Personal Cabinet.

4.5.  the Company shall be entitled to block or delete the User's account and myAlpari and deny access to the services of the Company's partners using such User's account in the following cases:

4.5.1. violation of terms of this Agreement as well as terms of other agreements with the Company;


4.5.2. if any Agreement with the Company or Company partners expressly provides for blocking or deleting the account;


4.5.3. if User has not paid for the services in the manner and time periods set forth in this Agreement;


4.5.4.  based on User's expressed will to delete or block the Personal Cabinet and Account;   User has not used the Personal Cabinet for more than one year.

4.6. When the account and the User's Personal Account is blocked or deleted in cases stipulated by paragraph. 4.5. of this Agreement, the service of providing the right to use the Personal Account shall be deemed provided in full.

4.7. The Company has the right to set limitations in using the Personal Cabinet and other services for all Users or for separate categories (depending on location of User, language used for the service etc.

. 4.8. The Company shall be entitled to send informational messages to Users via myAlpari.


User hereby also agrees to receive advertising messages.

4.9. To improve quality of the Services, the Company has the right to collect opinions and comments of Users on various issues by sending an information message on the next visit to myAlpari.

. The collected opinions and feedback can be used to form statistical data that can be used by the Company.

Feedback left by the User using their account may also be published by the Company online.


V. Acceptance of the Agreement, provision of services and their acceptance by the User.

5.1. User, who has read this Agreement and decided to register at the Site, orders the Company Service for registration at the Site and creating Personal Cabinet.


The order is placed by User on the Site.


The order is placed by user activating active fields on the Site «Get Services»/«Activate»/«Pay».

5.2. Payment for Company Service is acceptance of this Agreement.


Acceptance of the Agreement is full and unconditional.

5.3. payment for Company Services is made by means of cashless payment from bank card, which data are indicated by User in payment service on the Site, or by cashless payment from User's account according to Company's invoice. The Company does not guarantee absence of errors or failures in operation of the payment service with respect to provision of cashless payment option.

If User needs to receive an invoice for payment, User must submit a corresponding request to Company Support via email: [email protected]

5.4. The Company has no access to the bank card data given by the User and is not responsible for safety and confidentiality of data provided when making cashless payment. Non-cash payment shall be made with the participation of an authorized payment acceptance operator, electronic money operator, or other settlement participant, and shall be governed by the rules of international payment systems, banks (including the bank card issuing bank), and other settlement participants.


5.5. When specifying my data in accordance with clause 5.4. This Agreement and further use of the bank card, the User confirms and guarantees submission of true and full information about the valid bank card, issued on his name; observance of rules of international payment systems and requirements of the issuing bank, which issued the bank card, including those concerning the procedure of non-cash settlements.

. 5.6. User understands and agrees that all actions taken on the Site payment service through his account, including non-cash payment by bank card, are considered to be performed by User.


5.7. The Company reserves the right at any time to request the User to confirm the information they provided in the payment service, including bank card data, and request in this regard confirming documents (in particular identification documents), failure to provide which, at the Company's discretion, may be equated to provision of false information and entail consequences provided for by paragraph. 3.2. of this Agreement.

5.8. After successful payment, the User receives confirmation of payment to the e-mail address specified by him when signing up.


5.9. After the Company receives information about crediting the cost of Service to the Company account, the latter shall immediately, taking into account time required for technical data processing, begin providing selected information services – create Personal Area, assign ID etc.  


The parties have stipulated that the moment of payment – the moment of crediting the User's funds to the Company's current account.

5.10. After the Services are provided, a confirmation email is sent to the User's email address provided during registration.

If User does not have a Personal Account/Account, it shall, within 72 hours of payment, send a corresponding notice to support ([email protected]).

5.11. Service is deemed duly provided in case if no objections are received from the User within 72 hours after payment, due to absence of myAlpari/account.

VI. Payment procedure.

6.1. Cost of Company's services under this Agreement, is determined based on Company's tariffs in effect at the time User orders services.

6.2. The obligation to pay shall be deemed fulfilled at the moment the funds are credited to the Company account.


6.3. payment can be made in any manner not prohibited by applicable laws of Scotland and the jurisdiction of the User.


VII. Refunds to User.

7.1. Refund is available in case of absence of counter provision by the Company (failure to provide Services under this Agreement);

7.2. For refund the User must send a claim, within the terms specified in paragraph 5.10 of the Agreement, to the support service ([email protected]).


7.3. Claim consideration period 10 (Ten) business days after receipt.

7.4. If the claim is settled, refund period is one calendar month from the User's receipt of all necessary information for refund.

. 7.5. To prevent fraudulent actions the funds can be returned only to the same payment details from which they were received.

VIII. Guarantees.

8.1. The Parties guarantee that they do not and will not in the future engage in illegal activities, including money laundering and terrorism financing, using this Agreement.

8.2. Inasmuch as the Company has no possibility to check reliability of information provided by the User and assess his competence, the User guarantees that:

8.2.1. provides Company with accurate and sufficient information required for execution of this offer and keeps such information updated;

8.2.2. is of age and has full legal capacity and capability;


IX.  Privacy and personal data processing.

9.1. Terms of use of User Personal Data are defined in the Company Privacy Policy posted on the Site and are not subject to this offer.

Accepting this offer, User simultaneously accepts the terms of the Privacy Policy.

X. Dispute resolution procedure.

10.1. All disputes between the Parties will be settled by negotiations.

10.2. In case of claims, the Parties shall send the said claims to each other via personal account or e-mail of the Parties.

10.3. Claims shall be considered by the Parties within ten days (non-working days are not included).

10.4. If the parties fail to resolve any dispute through peaceful negotiations, including by sending claims to each other (complaint procedure), any dispute, controversy or claim in connection with this Agreement or its breach, termination or invalidity shall be finally settled in the court at the Company's location, applying laws of the Company's location.

10.5. Collective suits between the Company and Users are not allowed.

XI. Other.

11.1. For all questions related to this offer and the purchase of Company Services, User should contact Customer Support ([email protected]).

11.2. This Offer shall be effective from the moment of its acceptance by User and until full performance of obligations undertaken by the Parties.

11.3. Invalidity of individual provisions of this offer, if such is recognized by court or other authorized state body, does not result in its invalidity in whole.

11.4. The electronic document flow will be used for execution of this offer, which will be carried out through exchange of information via e-mail, personal account or on the Company's Website.


11.5. By accepting terms of this offer, User represents and agrees to fully understand and accept the terms specified in it, consider them exhaustive and complete.


This User Agreement is posted on: and

This User Agreement is effective as of November 20,  2020.